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  • Beneath The Clouds

    Beneath The Clouds
    . Cover: The First Lightning Flashes . Two: The Mansion . Three: The Patient . Four: Enter The Exorcists . Five: The Spirit Is Strong . Six: All Of You Are Awakened . Seven: Wandering Spirits of the Dead . Eight: Many People Enter Monasteries . Nine: The Spirit Passes . Ten: Gasp! . Eleven: Your Daughter . Twelve: Mercy! . Thirteen: Forgive This Unhappy Spirit . Fourteen: A Heavy Load of Sin . Fifteen: The Exorcism . Seventeen: She Will Be Quite Well . Seventeen: Fainting Fit . Eighteen: I Thought For A Moment . Nineteen: A Thousand Armed Men . Twenty: Other Prospects . Twenty One: No Path in the World . Twenty Two: At Least Not Yet . Twenty Three: Honoured Monk . Twenty Four: The Only One . Bonus Pinup!

    Thunder Sings

    Cover: Thunder Sings
    . One: Wise And Holy Monk . Two: Ten Times As Much . Three: I Have Changed . Four: Hazards Of The Road . Five: Ladies In The Capital . Six: Gifts For The Journey . Seven: The Tales Of Lady Murasaki . Eight: Through Wild Country . Nine: A Duty To My Father . Ten: The Tokaido Road . Eleven: Rashomon Within The Month . Twelve: Well Travelled . Thirteen: The Emperor\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s Representative . Fourteen: My Granddaughter\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s Life . Fifteen: The Hour Of The Dragon . Sixteen: Farewells . Seventeen: Fording The River . Eighteen: The Seal Of The Emperor . Nineteen: The Mountain Road . Twenty: A Bad Omen . Twenty One: Crows . Twenty Two: The Massacre . Bonus Pinup!

    Hawks Become Doves

    Cover: Hawks Become Doves
    . One: They Had No Chance . Two: Only Commoners . Three: Done My Duty . Four: Safely In The Capital . Five: Bandit Attack . Six: Swordfight . Seven: Don\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'t Let Them See You . Eight: We Have No Valuables . Nine: The Emperor\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s Protection . Ten: A Long Way . Eleven: Someone In The Wagon . Twelve: Hiding Treasure . Thirteen: Bad Karma . Fourteen: Start Slow . Fifteen: More Bandits . Sixteen: Ransom Or Worse . Seventeen: One Sword . Eighteen: Tachi Pose . Bonus Pinup!

    Deer Break Antlers

    Cover: Deer Break Antlers
    . One: Not Bandits . Two: Hitachi Province . Three: My Daughter\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s Honour . Four: Spiritual Guidance . Five: All The Help We Can Get . Six: Planting Their Crops . Seven: Can You Ride? . Eight: Write Her A Love Poem . Nine: Take Last Watch . Ten: Provincial Barbarians . Eleven: Racked By War . Twelve: Mysterious And Romantic . Thirteen: Clan Secrets . Fourteen: Fighting The Emishi . Fifteen: Early In The Morning . Sixteen: Clang! . Happy 2018! . Seventeen: Books of Poetry . Eighteen: Good Families . Nineteen: Nothing To Lose . Twenty: You Were Lucky . Bonus Pinup!

    Paulownia Blooms

    Cover: Paulownia Blooms
    . One: The Dream Palace . Two: The Dragon Screen . Three: The Emperor\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s Chamber . Four: The Broken Mirror . Five: I Was Worried . Six: The Camp is Unguarded . Seven: Sharp Wits . Eight: Written In Chinese . Nine: Illegal and Dangerous . Ten: Exiled Not Rewarded . Eleven: Lord Satake\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s Son . Twelve: Brave Soldiers . Thirteen: Too Refined . Fourteen: A New Discovery from China . Fifteen: Foundered On The Coast . Sixteen: We Found Fire . Seventeen: Rich and Powerful . Eighteen: My Prospects . Nineteen: Better Than You . Twenty: Shut Up Eiji . Bonus Pinup!

    Fanworks Month

    "Masako" by Sophie Pfrötzschner of Soul\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s Journey
    . "Masako no Soshi" by Kate . "Back Away From My Dad" by artofjoe of Charming . "The Moonlit Road of Dreams" by Kate . "A Quiet Conversation" by Kate . "Some People Who Occasionally Fight Ghosts" by artofjoe of Charming . "Beneath The Clouds" by The Psychodyssey . In Conclusion

    Rainbows Appear

    Cover: Rainbows Appear
    . One: A Spring Rainstorm . Two: I\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'m Fine . Three: Don\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'t Try To Impress Me . Four; Stop Moping . Five: Put Your Back Into It . Six: Far Better Than A Sword . Seven: Start With The Basics . Eight: A War Wound . Nine: Sword Happy Yokels . Ten: The Right Decision . Eleven: Heian Kyo At Last . Twelve: The Rasho Gate . Thirteen: Carp On The Cutting Board . Fourteen: Welcome! . Fifteen: Who Are The Provincials . Sixteen: Is There Someone New? . Seventeen: Rough Living . Eighteen: A Roof Over Our Heads . Nineteen: Different Circumstances . Bonus Pinup!

    Summer Break

    Summer Break
    . Miyajima Shrine . In Our Ryokan . Osaka Castle . The Bullet Train . Geisha . The Daibutsu . Miyajima- High Tide . Whale Shark

    Waving Grasses

    Cover: Waving Grasses
    . One: Our Fastest Messenger . Two: A Travelling Nun . Three: Mocking The Lower Classes . Four: Utter Peasants . Five: Choose An Officer . Six: You Look New Here . Seven: Provincial Scheming . Eight: What You Do . Nine: Come To Laugh . Ten: You Look Beautiful . Eleven: Toughen Up . Twelve: Lift Your Spirits . Thirteen: Some Peasant\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s House . Fourteen: A Beautiful Mansion . Fifteen: Something Interesting . Sixteen: Prince Genji\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s Lover . Seventeen: A Famous Romance . Eighteen: So Many People . Nineteen: Back To The Palace . Twenty: Maybe This Way . Bonus Pinup!

    Cicadas Sing

    Cover: Cicadas Sing
    . One: A Misplaced Blow . Two: I\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'m Begging You . Three: Those Snobs . Four: Make This Work . Five: Kill The Bear . Six: Not The Only One . Seven: The Art Of War . Eight: In Your Debt . Nine: What A Crowd . Ten: Glad We Found You . Eleven: The Procession . Twelve: Follow That Palanquin . Thirteen: Where Were You . Fourteen: Your Children\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s Future . Fifteen: It\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s Time . Christmas Quiz: Which Heian Celebrity are you? . Christmas Quiz: Results . Sixteen: Are You Ready . Seventeen: Buddha Be With You . Eighteen: The Beginning and The End . Bonus Pinup!

    The Shrike Shrieks

    Cover: The Shrike Shrieks
    . One: The Man Who Exiled Me . Two: Can This Be . Three: Where Is The Spirit . Four: The Ikiryo . Five: Too Powerful To Contain . Six: The Buddha Reincarnated . Seven: Eaten Up By Hate . Eight: The Pure Land . Nine: Strike At The Weak Points . Ten: Many Ghosts . Eleven: We Can Prevail . Twelve: Fear And Bitterness . Thirteen: I Won\\\\\\\\\'t Let You Die . Fourteen: Choose To Save You . Fifteen: It\\\\\\\\\'s Working . Sixteen: I Will Enlighten You . Seventeen: The Present And Future Lifetimes . Eighteen: Your Next Life . Nineteen: Nirvana Achieved . Twenty: Mother? . Twenty One: Death And Calamity . Twenty Two: You Must Leave . Twenty Three: Somewhere Safe . Bonus Pinup!

    April Fanworks Month

    April Fanworks Month- but not as we know it!
    . Goddess of Paradise . Gifts of Wandering Ice . Of Conquests and Consequences . Soul\\\\\'s Journey . Ten Earth Shattering Blows . Earth in a Pocket . I, Mummy . Castoff . Fanart by Keiiii of Heart of Keol

    Fireflies Rise

    Cover: Fireflies Rise
    . One: The Fire Starts . Two: The Convent . Three: A Bad Omen . Four: The Only Place I Belong . Five: Prove Your Commitment . Six: Thirty Days . Seven: A Fire in the City . Eight: Plenty of Prayers . Nine: Eiji . Ten: Two Weeks . Eleven: Autumn\\'s Coming . Twelve: Packing For Hitachi . Thirteen: Crowds Flee the Fire . Fourteen: Make Way! . Fifteen: Get The Laundry . Sixteen: A Long Way Up . Seventeen: The Wind Blowing . Eighteen: Get Rid of the Bridge . Nineteen: Firebreak . Twenty: It Is On Fiiire . Bonus Pinup!

    Summer Break 2!

    Summer Break 2
    . The Long Rains Visual Novel . A Moderately Talented Poet . Your Life Ends Here . Surely This Can\'t Be Right? . You Look Ridiculous . Paper Dolls-Masako . Masako\'s Wardrobe . Paper Dolls-Juro . Juro\'s Wardrobe

    Hot Winds Blow

    Cover: Hot Winds Blow
    . One: Inferno . Two: Hikeshi . Three: The Pagoda . Four: Best Hurry . Five: Trained Warhorses . Six: Devastation . Seven: The City\'s Finished . Eight: Save The Capital . Nine: Double Your Fee . Ten: Useless Wretches . Eleven: I\'m Saved . Twelve: How Can I Repay You? . Thirteen: Quench The Fires . Fourteen: We Can\'t Leave . Fifteen: You Came Back . Sixteen: Light The Fuse . Seventeen: We Want It To Explode . Eighteen: Grenade . Bonus Pinup!

    The Young Hawk Learns to Fly

    Cover: The Young Hawk Learns to Fly
    . One: Blow Up The Bridge . Two: The Smoke Clears . Three: Where Is He? . Four: Owww . Five: What Are You Staring At? . Six: Get A Bucket . Seven: Don\'t Waste Time . Eight: Hard Work . Happy Christmas!! . Nine: The Moon, The Clouds . Happy 2020! . Ten: Hinode . Eleven: Not Destined To Be A Nun . Twelve: What Else Is There? . Thirteen: Heading North . Fourteen: Lay Ghosts To Rest . Fifteen: I Will . Sixteen: For The Best . Seventeen: Leaving The Temple . Eighteen: A Final Glance . Nineteen: The End


    One: A New Life In Hitachi
    . Two: Heian Kyo By Bullet Train . Three: Thank You For Reading


    Cover: Yuki-Onna
    . One: Blood In The Snow . Two: Better Armed Enemies . Three: My First Mission . Four: Finding Their Camp . Five: Time To Escape . Six: Get Out Of Here . Seven: Back To Your Father . Eight: A Crippling Blow . Nine: A Lucky Strike . Ten: You Better Run . Eleven: The Blizzard . Twelve: Walking In Circles . Thirteen: Keep Going . Fourteen: Snow Like Flowers . Fifteen: Hmmm . Sixteen: How Did I Get Here? . Seventeen: Wait! . Eighteen: She Saved My Life . Nineteen: Only Handsome Men . Bonus Pinup

    The Spider-Goblin

    Cover: The Spider-Goblin
    . One: It\'s Your Turn . Two: A Dark, Cold Night . Three: Sunrise . Four: It Haunts The Abandoned Temple . Five: Just Passing Throughh . Six: A Lot Of Money . Seven: Monsters Out Of Legend . Eight: A Light In The Darkness . Nine: Bandit Hideouts . Ten: The Temple Priest . Eleven: The Things I\'ve Done . Twelve: In March Of Spring . Thirteen: One Last Question . Fourteen: A Quick Death . Fifteen: All But The Bravest . Sixteen: The Spider-Goblin . Seventeen: Bitten . Eighteen: It Was Venomous . Nineteen: The Festival . Twenty: Cut You Free . Twenty One: You Almost Got Paid . Twenty Two: Stories From The Old Times . Twenty Two: Spider-Goblins Aren\'t Real . Bonus Pinup!

    The Peony Lantern

    Cover: The Peony Lantern
    . One: The Scariest Tale Yet . Two: Love At First Sight . Three: She Pined Away . Four: Pray For Her Soul . Five: The Festival of O-Bon . Six: I\'m So Sorry . Seven: A Woman\'s Voice Late At Night . Eight: Your Heart Knows . Nine: A Peony Lantern . Ten: She\'s Dead . Eleven: His Feelings Have Changed . Twelve: He Was Saved . Thirteen: A Hundred Pieces of Gold . Fourteen: Oh So Cruel . Fifteen: The Faithless Servant . Sixteen: Love Beyond Death . Seventeen: The Rain\'s Stopped . Bonus Pinup! . Hiatus


    Cover: Tanuki
    . One: Hitachi Fortress . Two: Four Wives . Three: The Men In The West . Four: It Just Won\'t Leave . Five: Take Me To Your Village . Six: I\'m Coming With You . Seven: Hard For Everyone . Eight: The Ghost Will Come . Nine: Don\'t Touch It . Ten: Raah! . Eleven: It Wasn\'t Dangerous . Twelve: Tanuki . Thirteen: Only Visions . Fourteen: Ready to Work . Fifteen: You Found Me . Sixteen: The End . Guest Art By Majji . Guest Art By Capn Lee . Bonus Art: Heian and Covid . Guest Art By Sskessa . Guest Art By Akitku . Bonus Art: The Tale of Genji . Bonus Art: Masako . Bonus Art: Samuru . Bonus Art: The Screen . Guest Art By Lucy Lyall

    A Sneak Preview

    A Sneak Preview
    . The Storm . Big Giant Head Cover . Missaki